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Smart Technology

Benefits of Using Smart Technology

Electrical Design Engineering has now been reduced to just 5-easy-steps! Using our New Smart Software means One Line and "As Built" drawings are instantly computer generated saving you hours of your time. Wire sizes and voltage drops are now quickly chosen for you. Short Circuit and Arc Flash Analysis now completed for in seconds resulting in massive savings ... and incredibly it's all been reduced to 5-easy-steps... guaranteed ! 

"Imagine making Your Weekends and Evening Free from Work"

Remarkably whether you're an Electrical Contractor who's just starting out or an experienced Professional Electrical Engineer, now you can start producing professionally designed electrical Installations calculated and drawn unbelievably fast while achieving the most competitive cost design solution and it's all been reduced to an easy 5-step process... guaranteed!! 

Your Optimum Installation Design Solution at the Lowest Cost!

Now whether it's Residential, Commercial, Industrial, Marine or Aeronautical installations, using Installation Professional software means you can avoid effort because all the heavy lifting is now completed for you at a blistering speed- Drawings, Designs Calculations and Schedules in fact everything you need to deliver precision engineered results at the lowest cost incredibly fast - reducing jobs which once may have taken 2 weeks to complete down to less than 2 hours and all Error Free!!

Quickly Achieve Precision Engineered Installations if you follow these 5-easy-steps!

Your Secret to Success!

You'll be amazed to see our potent new hi-tech software first perform a full in-depth load flow analysis finding Your Best, Most Practical and Economical Design Solution. In just seconds Precise Voltage drops are calculated and distributed to every Wire run then all your Wire sizes are calculated and chosen for you Fast. Now it's easy to achieve the optimum design and gain a competitive edge.

With our New and Innovative Slider Bar you can quickly deliver different design outcomes. You can now choose your best design solution at the lowest cost.

If time is money just how fast is fast and exactly how much time could you save – e.g. 200 Wire sizes and Voltage drops can be calculated and chosen for you in less than 10 seconds - Now that's automatic and sets a New Benchmark!

Fully marked up One line Drawings, Three phase schematics and Block diagrams are instantly computer generated and ready for you to print out. This means you avoid effort, save time and money because there are no more drawings for you to do and no more time consuming and expensive drawing programs to buy (and it loads straight in to TurboCad).

The Short Circuit Calculations and Arc Flash analysis are also performed and marked up on your drawings, the Wire Schedules for your complete installation and each board are generated, a Parts List and an Invoice are created ready to print out and remarkably it's all completed in just seconds.

Gain Confidence and Feel on Top of the World!

You save money because Outsourcing jobs such as Drawings, Wire Size Calculations etc becomes a thing of the past. Total control and independence can now be yours and you'll find our software is very easy to use - less than 20 minutes of over the phone tuition is all you'll need to start delivering precision installation designs fully compliant at the lowest cost with no mistakes... guaranteed!

Be recognized as an Authority!

Whether your supplying quotes or performing the installation design services because the Optimum wire sizes are chosen for every cable run in your installation means you'll not be beaten on price and it becomes much easier for you when it comes to firming up delivery times and completion dates to your client because there's only you left in the loop.

Gain Freedom From Worry Today!

With Installation Optimizer professional on your computer it's like having your very own team of top notch of electrical engineers ready to go to work for you at a moments notice.

Be Up To Date and Save!

You'll save time and money because there's are no more expensive and time consuming training courses to attend and there are no annual maintenance fees to pay.

The truth is that the days when you needed to have an engineering degree and many years of experience to produce winning Designs has now been replaced with Smart Technology needing less than 20 minutes of tuition.

Fact: Our software is so fast, powerful and easy to use we guarantee that even a 2nd electrical apprentice with just 20 minutes of training could easily outperform a top notch Electrical Engineer... imagine what a top notch Electrical Engineer could achieve!

Three Phase Schematics Instantly computer generated

Residential, Commercial, Industrial, Marine and Aeronautical completed with ease! One line drawings and Block diagrams are all instantly computer generated for you and ready to Print out!

No matter how complex Installation Optimzer Professional always finds your best and most economical design solution, the lowest cost Design in just seconds!

Wire Sizes and Voltage drops are Calculated and Selected for You then marked up on the drawings all and amazingly it's all completed for you Automatically!

Three Phase Schematics instantly generated and Fully marked-up showing Total Power Demand taken from the Board (Amps), Short Circuit and Arc Flash analysis, Wire sizes and Voltage drops!

Second screenshot of the Cable Calc Installation Optimizer

Three Phase schematics, One Line Drawings and Block Diagrams all instantly computer generated, Cable sizes Voltage drops, Short circuit calculations, Arc Flash, Cable Schedules, Parts List and Invoice completed this means now Precision Installation Designs have now been reduced to just 5-easy-steps!

Second screenshot of the Cable Calc Installation Optimizer

Now when it comes to winning jobs and making money our new game changing hi-tech software will ensure you outclass all your competitors and keep you at the top table!

The key to creating a Precision Engineered Installation Design are the application and distribution of precise amounts of Voltage drops to each Cable run...

The secret to our incredible softwares success is lies in the fact that Installation Optimizer with its new smart technology first performs a full in-depth load flow analysis to determine your best and most economical design solution. Then precise amounts of voltage drops are calculated and distributed to all your Cable runs and the cable sizes are calculated and chosen for you Fast.

Second screenshot of the Cable Calc Installation Optimizer

This truly amazing new technology has replaced the need for the Professional Electrical Engineer, it's fast, easy to use and does not make mistakes.

In less than 20 minutes of over the phone tuition is all you'll needed to start delivering precision engineered installation designs drawn and fully marked up.

Second screenshot of the Cable Calc Installation Optimizer

Using Smart technology means a whole new world opens up for you, taking on bigger jobs with bigger pay days is easy because all the heavy lifting is now performed for you fast.

Small or large installations can be completed in record time easily outperforming a team of Electrical Engineers

Second screenshot of the Cable Calc Installation Optimizer

Using smart software comes with a number major advantages.

  1. Smart software is much faster, 200 cable sizes and voltage drops can be calculated and chosen for you in just 10 seconds,
  2. Drawings - One line and "As Built" drawings are now instantly computer generated and fully marked up with your cable calculations
  3. Smart software finds your optimum design solution this means the lowest cost design and all without error

Imagine Your Evenings and Weekends Free from Work!

Design Engineers can now raise their efficiency and output up to 50 times faster easily competing their projects ahead of time producing the most practical and economic design solution. Now you can quickly achieve your most competitive cost design solution using our easy-5-step software... guaranteed!

Our unique "Slider Bar" can create your best design solution!

Using our unique slider bar you can quickly achieve your ideal design outcome this means your "Lowest Cost design", "Your Most Practical Design" or the "Optimum Design".

What are the differences?

Different Electrical Installations may call for different design outcomes - i.e. Installations with Long Branch Circuits need to emphasis a Practical design solution (this means the wire sizes for Branch Circuits need to be small enough to fit in to their Electrical devices).

Installations with Long Feeder Circuits needs to emphasis the Lowest Cost Design because the big cost savings need to made here, the job may be won or lost on this one Cable size.

Installations with more normal and even lengths of cable runs need the Optimum design solution.

Using the Slider bar skews the computer logic this means you can produce different design outcomes just by moving the Slider Bar.

  1. Moving the slider bar to the left produces your best and most practical design solution (that's when there are long Branch Circuit runs)
  2. Moving the Slider Bar right produces the Lowest cost design solution (when there are long Feeder runs)
  3. Leaving the slider bar in the center produces your optimum design solution that is a balance between cost and practicality

Now no matter how complex the installations are you can now quickly create your best design solutions in seconds.

Electrical Drawings, Cable sizes, Short Circuit Analysis are made quick and easy using new Smart software!

Taking less than 20 minutes to learn our new smart software will deliver your complete installation flawlessly designed at a blistering speed.

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