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Control Wiring Schematics

"A Quick & Easy Way to Create Your Control Wiring Schematics…Simply Brilliant"
Now when you need to complete Electrical control Wiring for Industrial, Commercial or Residential installations now you can quickly put together Electrical Design of Control circuits, Power circuits, PLC Digital logic diagrams.  Gone are the days when you could spend countless hours or even days with expensive and time consuming drawing programs because now it's point and click and you finished in minutes.

Quickly complete:-

  • Electrical Control circuits
  • Electronic circuits
  • Hydraulic circuits
  • Pneumatic circuits
  • Fire Alarm circuits

Make No Mistake!
You can Save $$$ todayand the most Exciting Fact is You need no drawing experience because now you simply Point & Click, using our new Hi-Tech software you can Create control wiring schematics in just minutes see for yourself just how quick and easy it is imagine the Time & Money you will save.
With over 200 electrical symbols its easy to create:-     

  • Motor control circuits
  • Wiring Layouts
  • Lighting Layouts & Control switching
  • Mechanical layouts
  • Logic control and electronic circuits
  • Ladder diagrams
  • Fire Alarm control circuits

"Just Imagine"

  • No more Outsourcing
  • Create your own symbols and save
  • You stay in Total Control of the job
  • Print out Professional drawings
  • So Easy to Use
  • No more expensive and time consuming drawing packages
  • Days of work now reduced to just minutes.

Become fully independent today and save, Symbols and Standards are to ANSI & IEC.

V 6.0
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V 8.0
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V 12 Professional
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3 Phase Schematic
Complex design 1 AS
Complex design
ELI Dwg 1
Example 21
Hv and Lv 1
Single Line AS 28.5.13
Single Line dwg 1
Single Line dwg
Three Phase Schem

Rolls Royce

We needed electrical software capable of quickly delivering designs and drawings which were accurate and precise. We used Solutions Electrical software for the complete upgrade.