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Heating calculations

Heating Size a Calculations made Easy!

Making Your Life Easier !

Whether you own a home, apartment or condominium, have a family or live alone, comfort and good design at a good price is the primary concern in your home to ensure that you get the comfort levels you need.

Now you can enjoy the benefits of perfect Heating for your space with our easy-to-use software, this in-expensive software solution will calculate the exact amount of Heatingin just minutes which means you buy only what you need and this means you could save money!

Calculations & Designs are always in FULL COMPLIANCE

You know All Your Calculations are RIGHT EVERY single time

Full Report instantly generated and 3-D Bar Chart

Price is AFFORDABLE even though our software is SUPERIOR

You Receive FULL FREE Support and New Version Updates

You SAVE Massive Amounts of TIME

You SAVE Money - our software DOES IT ALL


Commercial & Residential developments!

Now whether you're in build or design and build our software ensures a cost effective well designed solution for condominiums, complexes, apartment buildings, cluster homes, and houses. catering halls, hotels, theatres , recreation centers , gyms: Whether it’s a comfortable ballroom so partygoers can enjoy dinner and dancing, or an odor-free guest room, or a top-class performance arena providing comfort experience for your guests

Offices and Office buildings


Industrial Environments!

whether you own or work in a commercial space, work productivity is the priority. Good IAQ (air quality) protects health of the workforce, while consistent comfort levels improve work productivity.

A Comfortable Environments is essential for industrial productivity and providing the right comfort levels in multi-use industrial facilities requires an integrated systems approach that combines efficiency, versatility, and critical control.


Learning to use our software takes just 5 MINUTES!

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3 Phase Schematic
Complex design 1 AS
Complex design
ELI Dwg 1
Example 21
Hv and Lv 1
Single Line AS 28.5.13
Single Line dwg 1
Single Line dwg
Three Phase Schem

Rolls Royce

We needed electrical software capable of quickly delivering designs and drawings which were accurate and precise. We used Solutions Electrical software for the complete upgrade.