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Short Circuit Calculations

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  1. Fault levels in MVA

  2. kA

  3. pf

  4. X/R ratio

  5. Arc Flash Results including Arc flash Fault currents and Maximum allowable Trip Times


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(During a fault condition an arc will be drawn across the contacts of your protection device as it tries to clear the fault and interrupt the current flow. If the fault level of the protection device is undersized the arc can be maintained this would result in an overheating of the cables, the insulation around the cables will soften or even melt the conductors then become exposed and a danger to people causing electric shock or burns. The metal contact inside your protection device may become so hot that they begin to melt, a serious fire danger may then exist)

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3 Phase Schematic
Complex design 1 AS
Complex design
ELI Dwg 1
Example 21
Hv and Lv 1
Single Line AS 28.5.13
Single Line dwg 1
Single Line dwg
Three Phase Schem

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We needed electrical software capable of quickly delivering designs and drawings which were accurate and precise. We used Solutions Electrical software for the complete upgrade.