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Cable Sizes and Voltage Drop Calculations made Easy!

Avoid Effort Today!

Why spend hours or even days using Tables, books and calculator to calculate Cable sizes and Voltage drops when working out Cable sizes and Voltage drops could just take a few seconds

Make No Mistake!

Our new Cable calculation software will deliver all your cable sizes and Voltage drops results fast, Then see all your results instantly Displayed and ready to Print. i.e. Results include:-

  • Cable Sizes and Capacities
  • Voltage Drops (volts and percent %)
  • Conduit Sizes and Capacities
  • Fault Levels
  • Installed working Temperatures
  • Maximum Length Cable can be Run
  • Fuse/Circuit Breaker Sizes
  • Fault Conductor Size
  • Minimum Trip Current needed for Earth Loop Impedance Compliance
  • Actual Let Through Current during Fault Conditions
  • Voltage Drop across the Circuit During fault Conditions
  • Actual Circuit Impedance (ohms)
  • Maximum Length of Run for Earth Loop Impedance Compliance
  • Maximum Circuit Impedance (Ze)
  • Actual Circuit Impedance (ohms)
  • Total Installation Impedance (Zs)
  • Touch Potentials
  • Trip Times to 0.4 and 5.0 seconds

Now by simply entering Your:-

  1. Length of Run,
  2. Load Current (in Amps, kw),
  3. Select Your Method of Installation
  4. Select Your Cable Material(75, 90 or 110 deg rated)
  5. Enter the Amount of Voltage Drop
  6. Choose a Fuse or Circuit Breaker

"see all your results instantly delivered and ready to Print"

Look good and feel great knowing that all your cable sizes can now be found this fast. Hear the praise of others as they quickly discover that holdupís have become a thing of the past, you save money by not needing to outsource work.

Run the software on your laptop for site work effortlessly able to produce on-site Cable calculations removing bottle necks. Run what ifís for different load conditions, Lengths and Voltage drops, save all your work, export it in to a spreadsheet for full customization.

Select your own Cable sizes when you need to check compliance of an existing cable size or to meet minimum specifications, itís all on one easy-to-use screen showing your full detailed results.

Full Compliance and Q.A. can be easily met whether your work is Residential, Commercial, Industrial, Marine or Aeronautical. Using our Potent new software means you will complete your work many times faster (i.e. 5 days of cable calculations can now be completed in just 2 hours) producing precision engineered results!

When Speed and Precision Count!

The most Practical and Precise Cable Size and Voltage Drop calculation software available on the market at a price you can afford, see for yourself how in just seconds you can find all your cable sizes!

Features and Benefits Make Work Easier for Yourself today!
  1. Our software is Practical and Easy to use yet Powerful enough to Deliver all Your Results in just seconds
  2. Saves Time, now you can reduce 5 dayís work to only 2 hours
  3. Gain Total Peace of Mind, our software is Fully Compliant with the following standards - AS/NZS 3008.1.1 2009 & AS/NZS 3000:2010
  4. Conduit Sizes and Capacities are calculated and displayed ready for your selection
  5. Make work easier for Yourself because now the tedious and time consuming calculations have become a thing of the past.
  6. Select A.C. or D.C circuits for all Load Conditions
  7. Variable Frequency
  8. Export to Spreadsheet
  9. Save all your calculations and export to spreadsheet for full customization
  10. Print out full detailed results.
  11. Dramatically increase Your efficiency by automating repetitive and time-consuming tasks associated with the electrical design process.

Knowing your Exact Cable Sizes will Save You Money and ensure Full compliance!

Gain full control over the electrical design process and make your business more efficient, productive and profitable.

Smart Technology Works

Electrical Design Engineering has now been reduced to just 5-easy-steps!

Using our New Smart Software means One Line and "as built" drawings are instantly computer generated, cable sizes and voltage drops now chosen for you, Short Circuit and Arc Flash Analysis completed in seconds... and incredibly it's all been reduced to 5-easy-steps... guaranteed!

It's not unusual to spend hours sometimes longer pouring over the Wiring Regulations calculating Cable sizes, working out voltage drops or spending your days creating electrical drawings or expensive and time consuming outsourcing - until now...More


We have used other program. Nothing compares to the simplicity of these program. Thank you!

Mr Stuart
(Electrical Certification Australia)

This software is brilliant. I can be on the phone to a customer and size a cable for them at the same time.

Olex Cables