Made for Australia & NZ Regulation Wiring Rules AS/NZS 3008.1.1 2009 & AS/NZS 3000:2010 CONTACT US : 07 3102 3194

Installation Design & Simulation

"Thousands Now Design Their Own Installations Who Never Thought They Could"

(Save an incredible amount of Time and money, by Completing all your Wiring calculations, tables and fully marked up Single line drawings faster than you thought possible)

Imaginehow much easier Your life would be if you could Design and Test your next job before pulling in a single wire.

Leave nothing to guesswork, eliminate errors and get rid of all anxieties in an instant.

Full Installation Design with Ease!
Now you can Easily Find Calculate all your Results in just seconds showing:-

-  Calculate all your wire sizes & Ampacities,
-  Voltage drops
-  Conduit sizes and capacities
-  Fault levels
-  Fuse/CB sizes
-  Installed cable temperatures
-  Single line drawings (fully marked up with all your results)
-  Tables with all your calculation results

From Calculating all Your Feeders, Sub feeders to all your branch-circuits.

Single Line Drawings…No Problem!
Now you can produce all your "Single line" and "As built" drawings fully marked up with all your Calculation Results in Just minutes and you need absolutely NO drafting experience…Just Amazing!

You will Look more Professional, impress your client because now You can print out all your calculations, tables and drawings in just minutes, using "Project Designer"…Simply Brilliant!

Thousands now Design and Draft their own Installation projects who never thought they could.
Get a Head Start by using this program to produce Electrical Installation Designs quickly and easily to change your life. This is your licence to print money and create wealth for yourself!

Single Line drawings fully marked up, no drafting experience required!

Table with all Your calculation Results instantly displayed and ready to print!

 Start Using Project Design today and discover how Project Designer is your doorway to success!

Save all Your drawings with an AutoCAD extension (.dxf)

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3 Phase Schematic
Complex design 1 AS
Complex design
ELI Dwg 1
Example 21
Hv and Lv 1
Single Line AS 28.5.13
Single Line dwg 1
Single Line dwg
Three Phase Schem

Rolls Royce

We needed electrical software capable of quickly delivering designs and drawings which were accurate and precise. We used Solutions Electrical software for the complete upgrade.